Planning your own wedding these days is like taking on a part-time job.  But instead of getting paid, it drains your bank account.

The web site SWNS  reports a new survey talked to 2,000 people who got married in the past year.  And the average couple spent 528 hours planning their wedding.

That's the equivalent of 66 full, eight-hour workdays.  Or just over three months of unpaid work you have to do.  Here are five more stats from the survey . . .

The most time-consuming parts of planning a wedding are finding the venue . . . buying the dress . . . deciding who's in your wedding party . . . finding a caterer . . . and dealing with the seating chart.

The average couple has four fights while planning their wedding.  77% of couples said they had at least one.  And the biggest thing couples disagree on is the venue.

The five things we're most likely to agree on are the flower girl and ring-bearer . . . the save-the-dates . . . the dress . . . the bridesmaids' dresses . . . and the flowers.

The top people we ask for advice during the planning process are our parents, friends, and sisters.

The top things couples would change about their wedding are the photographer, the venue, and the wedding planner.  Or maybe the lack of a wedding planner.


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