It seems like everywhere you look another business is shutting its doors in Massachusetts. Whether it's Bed, Bath and Beyond, Christmas Tree Shops, or the Westfield location of Staples, retailers seem to be consolidating locations or going under altogether. It's certainly a sign of the times and definitely not a fun one.

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Another Massachusetts-based company Will Be Closing Its Doors in Days

It was recently announced that the seven-time Super Bowl champ Tom Brady and longtime personal trainer, Alex Gurrero will be shutting their TB12 store located in Foxborough this Friday, Oct. 20. The business had been losing money in the joint venture and Brady has decided to get out of the business altogether. Gurrero will carry on and open a new business TBRx in Franklin, MA

What Type of Business Was the Massachusetts-based TB12?

TB12 was/is a performance and recovery center. According to anyone can walk into the store and browse through the TB12 functional fitness gear, nutritional products, supplements, and apparel. In addition to the retail products, people were able to sign up for one-on-one treatment sessions with the company's body coaches. As previously mentioned Guerro is going to move on with a new TBRx endeaveor which you can read more about by going here.

Did you ever enter the TB12 location in Foxborough? Did you ever work with the coaches and/or partake in the TB12 system and lifestyle? If so, what was your experience like? What did you think of the facility?

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