Monday is National Nap Day, and now there's a serious medical finding that may convince you to get some midday shuteye -- as if you needed more convincing.

Taking a nap isn't just about recharging your batteries -- a new study  says clocking out for a bit during the day can lower your blood pressure as much as taking blood pressure medication can.

Researcher in Greece studied 212 people who had high blood pressure, and prescribed a nap for some, and none for the other group. Those who napped at least 49 minutes in the afternoon saw their systolic blood pressure fall an average of  5mm/Hg lower compared to those who didn't take a nap.

But before you throw your pills in the trash, the ABC News Medical Units had some caveats, most notably, that the study was a small one, and the researchers don't say for how long the effect was sustained.

At any rate, a nap is NOT a substitute for pills if prescribed by a physician.

I'm sure we'll hear more about this and bring you updates.


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