Most people don't give much thought to which side of the bed they sleep on. But a new survey says that whether you sleep on the right or the left says more about you than whether you or your partner wants quicker access to the bathroom.

A OnePoll study of 2,000 Americans commissioned by bedding company Slumber Cloud revealed that Americans who sleep on the left side are more likely to prefer dramatic films and oldies music, while right-side sleepers prefer rock music and action flicks.

Right-siders reportedly prefer wine over beer; left-siders the opposite.

The survey says the most common reason people prefer their particular side of the bed is that it's easier for them to get out of bed on that side. Some 40% say that's why they sleep how they do.

Thirty-one percent say their sleep side was chosen by default, as their partner preferred the other side.

Some 25% of those polled picked their side for better TV viewing. Eighteen percent said they preferred to sleep against a wall.

And speaking of bedtime habits, experts say you should get at least eight hours of sleep a night, but the survey shows most Americans are barely getting six.  They top out at a grand total of six hours, 22 minutes of shut-eye on average, and get up an average of twice a night.

One in four Americans gets about four or five hours of sleep, the survey also revealed, so it's no surprise the average American admits to being late for work once a week.

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