The concept of a traditional wedding is changing with the times, according to a UK-based survey conducted by jewelers F.Hinds.

The company found out which traditions people in various age groups found important, and which were fading away.

For example, just 36% of people polled thought it was still important for a bride to take her husband's name; just 37% thought wedding rings were a must.

Twenty-four percent of those polled said a traditional white wedding dress is a must -- with six percent of brides saying they wore a suit to their own wedding.

Nine percent of those polled in the nationwide survey say wedding favors are a "must," with 10% expressing that the tradition of having a bride's family pay for the reception is still important.

Other traditions that are fading? The traditional bachelor or bachelorette blowout -- just 19% say it's important. Twenty-two percent said the one proposing has to take a knee to do so, while 10% said they had a best woman instead of a best man -- or picked best MEN to take up seats at the head table.

Some traditions are dying hard, however:

A majority, 59% say it's essential to have a father walk his daughter down the aisle; 46% called picking a best man and bridesmaids important.

Not surprisingly, however, the younger the survey respondent, the less important the daddy daughter walk is; just 50% of those aged 25-34 said it's important -- compared to more than 75% of those aged 65+.

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