Ask anyone from another country, and they'll tell you that one of America's biggest exports are her accents. But which of the 50 states' accents are the most -- and least -- sexy?

According to the 1.5 million social media users of the website Big Seven Travel,  twangs from Texas, and hearing someone from Boston talk about "pahking the cah" is enough to make people swoon. That's right, the Lone Star State and Beantown were determined to have the sexiest accents, taking the first and second slots on the survey -- followed by New York, Maine, and Chicago to round out the top five.

Incidentally, The Empire State is so diverse that it has spawned multiple inflections of the proper "New Yawk" accent. And although a local can sniff out someone from Brooklyn from someone from Queens, for example, the survey doesn't distinguish between the boroughs -- but it does note that folks from New York's Long Island -- or "LongGuyLund" as a resident might put it -- were determined to have the least sexy accent in the Union.

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