The gym chain Planet Fitness bills each of their facilities as a "judgement-free zone," and it even has a series of commercials that diss the usual gym-rat type. Turns out the chain may be onto something.

A new survey  of 2,000 Americans, commissioned by protein drink-maker Isopure, found about half of those are afraid of working out in front of other people, period.

The poll revealed that 50% of those surveyed are stressed out about "gymtimidation," while nearly 32% say they don't like working out next to somebody who's in great shape.  17% say they're intimidated by the thought of exercising in front of someone of the opposite sex.

The Isopure poll said 31% admitted even thinking about getting into shape stressed them out, with 48% saying the sheer number of fitness workouts and classes offered at their gym was intimidating.

Interestingly, the poll noted that nearly half of those who overcame their fears and manage to work out regularly still get intimidated from time to time.

While some may seek jogging as a way to avoid gymtimidation, there's a brick wall there, too, for some: 36% say running in public, outside of a gym, is more intimidating than working out at a gym.

Considering all this, it's probably not surprising that of the 37% of those who say they've never worked out  admit that they feel they're too unhealthy to start.
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