While people are wel- acquainted with stories about the dangers of too much "screen time," a new survey shows the average American just can't quit his or her digital devices.

In fact, a survey says 2,000 people commissioned by the contact lens manufacturer CooperVision showed that Americans spend 42% of their days staring into a screen of some kind.

Factoring an average of eight hours' sleep a night -- which most Americans do not get, by the way -- this works out to nearly seven hours of screen time a day, or eight thousand days spent watching, working, gaming, or binging in front of screens.

Unsurprisingly, screen time increases as the age of those surveyed decreased: 92% of millennials say they check their phones as soon as they wake up, compared to just 51% of those 55 and older.

Ironically, 64% of those polled -- in every age group -- admitted they like taking a break from their screens.


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