A new survey into the sex habits of 2,000 American men and women found that three in ten haven't had any action in nearly a year.

The poll, conducted by intimate lifestyle company LELO, noted that 28% of those polled described their "dry spell" as lasting an average of 11 months: 10 months for the men who copped to the dry spell; a year for the women.

So how do those stranded in a dry spell make do?

The poll notes that 46%, um, become the "do it yourself" type, while 38% work out their frustrations at the gym and 18% look to an ex to hook up.

Four in ten say not getting any action has made them lonely; three in 10 say they're bored more often.

As to what's behind the dry spells, one in four blame a long-distance relationship, while 31% say working too much has taken the focus away.

All is not lost, however: nearly half of those surveyed say having a dry spell has some upsides: 25% say they've saved money being by themselves, and 26% say they're spending more time with their friends.

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