AARP, the American Association of Retired Persons, has revealed the results of a new study that may change some minds: getting older isn't as scary as younger people believe.

In fact, while 47% of survey respondents in the 18-39 age group noted they feel it's "normal to be depressed when you are old," just 10% of those aged 60 and over called their time of life depressing.

The survey of 2,601 American adults revealed that those older respondents -- 67% of them in fact -- reported they are "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with their life.

By comparison, 61% of those in the 18-39 group, and 60% in the 40-59 demographic felt the same way.

Jo Ann Jenkins, AARP’s CEO noted in their press release, "The findings of this new survey are further confirmation of something a lot of people, especially older people, know instinctively and that is that our upper ages can be great. However," she adds, "I think the survey also presents a fairly stark reminder that we’re all faced by a lot of negative associations around's all damaging and, as this survey shows, it's often wrong."

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