Men and women are not equal, at least when it comes to spotting infidelity -- according to a new study.

Researchers at the University of Western Australia showed 1,500 test subjects pictures of 189 Caucasian adults -- 101 men and 88 women.  The pictures were taken after each man and women were asked if they'd ever strayed from their partner.

The results, published in Royal Society Open Science showed that while both men and women could spot a cheating dude, men were clueless as to which women had been unfaithful.

The result, which surprised the researchers, was that, "both men and women were accurate in assessing men's, but not women's, likelihood to cheat and poach."

Another surprise? In real life, more attractive men aren't the most likely to be the ones stepping out on their partners, even though the test subjects thought they were.

Despite the fact that men are comparatively pretty easy reads when it comes to cheating, the scientists caution that it's not something you should employ on a first date.


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