Sorry guys. Researchers at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York reveal that dogs aren't just man's best friend -- in fact, women sleep better with a dog than they do snuggling up with a person.

The study, "An Examination of Adult Women's Sleep Quality and Sleep Routines in Relation to Pet Ownership and Bedsharing," polled 962 women in the U.S. about who -- or what -- they sleep with. Specifically, 55% of those polled sleep with "at least one dog," while 31% snooze with at least one cat.

Fifty-seven percent slept instead with a human partner.

Those who slept with a pooch had a sleep that was disturbed less frequently than those who slept with a fellow human.

And if you needed more proof that dogs are better than cats, cats were more disruptive to the subjects' sleep -- as disruptive as a snoring or covers-hogging human partner.

Furthermore, the study noted, sleeping with a dog provided a better sense of security, and the routine and responsibilities of having a dog -- such as walking it at the same time before you both go to bed -- actually made for better sleep habits, the study noted.

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