This may come as a major "no duh" to anybody who has ever hung out with a pothead, but according to a new study, regular marijuana users lack focus and don't remember as well as their non-pot-using counterparts.

Conversely, the study of 88 subjects aged between 16 and 25 years old that was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry notes that quitting the herb -- even for a week -- boosts focus, verbal learning, and memory. The study conducted various cognitive tests on pot users from light to heavy -- with one group abstaining for a month.

The improvement on their test scores after just the first week of that month was significant.

However, health advocates will likely have an uphill battle on this one: Another study notes that pot use has increased among high school students in the past 10 years -- and with the increasing legalization of the drug, the number of young people who feel weed is dangerous is dropping.


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