The operative word in "Do-It-Yourself" should be "Do," yet a new survey shows the average American homeowner has as many as nine unfinished projects around the house.

So, if your partner has been nagging you to paint that fence or hang those pictures, you're not alone.

The home improvement company surveyed 2,000 homeowners in this country, and a majority of them, 57%, consider their home a "work in progress."

Regarding the "work" part, however, a third of them say they've put off a project by a year or more.

Fifty-five percent of those polled say painting projects were on their extended "to-do" list; 28% have procrastinated putting down the carpet, and a third say they still need to finish that bathroom rehab.

Some of the delays come down to dollars and cents: 42% say the cost of a project forced them to let it slide.

Interestingly, those polled considered themselves handy -- with 55% admitting they've attempted a fix themselves -- though more than a third of those say they threw in the towel before completion.


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