You've been hearing about it for weeks and it is finally here. The long-awaited return of the Mark Patrick Seminars right here in Berkshire County.

If you are looking to quit smoking or lose weight, you will have the opportunity this week. Seminars take place on Wednesday at The Williams Inn in Williamstown and on Thursday at the Berkshire Plaza Hotel in Pittsfield. The weight loss seminars will take place from 5:30  to 7:30 p.m and the stop smoking seminars take place between 8 and 10 p.m.

If the idea of hypnosis is a little strange and frightening to you, it's a natural feeling. However, the Mark Patrick Seminars are 100% guaranteed. What does that mean? If you don't get the results you are looking for, you get your money back. If you want to lose weight or stop smoking, you'll have your opportunity this week with nothing to lose. The seminars are $49.99 each and, again, it is 100% guaranteed.

The weight loss seminar is designed so you can lose 15, 30, 50 or more pounds quickly and, most importantly, safely.

"My program combines hypnosis, programming, guided visual imagery and other powerful nutritional technologies designed to help eliminate unwanted craving, eat smaller portions, eliminate late day eating binges, increase energy and improve sleep. With our method of clinical hypnosis you are aware, in control. You move, think, hear and concentrate without the slightest effort. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, feeling good," says Mark Patrick.

According to Patrick, the stop smoking seminars will help you get rid of those cravings to smoke. No matter how much you smoke, the program is helpful as it is designed to "help eliminate your unwanted smoking cravings and your desire for cigarettes while you drink coffee, have a cocktail, while driving, while on break or even in the company of other smokers."

If you are looking to stop smoking or lose weight, here is your chance to make it happen. There are still a few spots available for each seminar. You can sign up for the seminars below:

Wednesday, Oct. 17 - Williams Inn in Williamstown

Weight Loss Seminar - 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.: Register here

Stop Smoking Seminar - 8-10 p.m.: Register here

Thursday, Oct. 18 - Berkshire Plaza Hotel (formerly Crowne Plaza), Pittsfield

Weight Loss Seminar - 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.: Register here

Stop Smoking Seminar - 8-10 p.m.: Register here




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