After viewing flood damage in the Lime Street neighborhood of Adams, state representatives Friday said they would seek $1.3 million in state funding to help cover repair costs and long-term corrective action.

The Berkshire Eagle reports that's almost double what state Rep. John Barrett III and state Sen. Adam Hinds had requested —$680,000 — this week in the state supplemental budget.

After suffering severe flood damage twice in less than a week, the Adams neighborhood has drawn the attention of town and state officials. Because the damage was not regional, the site doesn't qualify for emergency management funding, but there are other avenues being explored, Hinds noted.

But even if state funding does come through, it will take time, he added.

Dick Kleiner, emergency management director in Adams, said there is some damage that has to be addressed quickly for health and safety reasons.

Hinds said the town might have to make some repairs now and hope to be fully reimbursed with state funds later.

But repairing the current damage is just part of the problem, both lawmakers noted.

Planning specialists are predicting more of this type of precipitation — short bursts of voluminous downpours that overwhelm the current stormwater infrastructure due to climate change.

Along Southwood Brook on Lime Street, several residents lost a bridge, and a gazebo, along with various other items like lawn furniture and a kayak; they also lost many square feet of yard that washed away. And further erosion could start threatening houses and other improvements.

Barrett noted that one homeowner had recently used a $30,000 loan to repair damage inflicted by Tropical Storm Irene a few years back, only to have the damage recur during the recent deluges.

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