State Rep. Paul Mark is looking to create a Berkshire County opioid task force in the budget. reports Mark has filed an amendment for $250,000 to start the task force with the Berkshire County sheriff's office, the Berkshire Opioid Abuse Prevention Coalition, and a number of other organizations tackling the issue.

The task force would focus on things such as prevention, education, ending the stigma, and getting into schools with prevention programs -- and not to be confused with the enforcement aspect of what was formerly known as the Berkshire County Drug Task Force.

Mark will also be continuing his effort to revive the Massachusetts Office of Employee Involvement and Ownership. He’s been working on that going on eight years. The office is eyed to provide expertise for those looking to create or change to an employee-owned model.

Last year, on his seventh try, Mark secured $150,000 to reopen it.

Another amendment Mark is making is to continue funding children's advocacy centers, such as Berkshire County Kid's Place. Mark said in recent years he's taken on the lead to bring support for the organizations across the entire state.

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