Here are six reasons being single is better than being attached . . . and all of them are backed with scientific proof.

Single people exercise more.  A study found that women who'd never been married spent much more time exercising than women who were married or divorced.

Single people are more likely to find jobs.  A report from the University of Chicago says that single people are more likely to find a job than married couples.

And women who wait until they're 30 to get married make significantly more money than women who get married young.

Single people get more sleep.  A Better Sleep Council survey found that you get better sleep when you don't have someone next to you snoring, hogging the covers, or kicking you all night.  Who would have guessed?

People who live alone are more independent.  When there's no one else to split up all the things to do in life, you learn to manage everything yourself.

Single people are more likely to put someone else's sexual satisfaction first.  In a survey, 97% of single people said that it was more important to satisfy their partner sexually than to be satisfied themselves.

Single people are less likely to be in debt.  Around 21% of single people have credit card debt, compared to 27% of married couples without children, and 36% of married couples with children.

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