A recent report states that you have just 28 seconds to give someone a good first impression, and now here's something else to worry about in that amount of time -- a shows people judge your personality based on your shape alone according to lead study author and  psychological scientist with the University of Texas, Ying Hu.

Using three-dimensional renderings of 140 realistic body models -- 70 male and 70 female -- nearly 80 test subjects were asked to match "trait words" like "enthusiastic" or "shy" to each body.

Sure enough, they did: Test subjects linked heavier body types to carelessness and laziness, while thinner body types inspired more positive associations, like enthusiasm and self-confidence.

The study certainly gives credence to the phenomenon of "body shaming."

However, its authors warn that the study didn't take into account gender or attractiveness. Earlier studies have shown that more attractive faces are generally judged to be more trusting and capable.

Long story short: some folks have all the luck.


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