I say, eat whatever you want on a first date.  They're gonna find out you’re a slob eventually . . . why hide it?  But if you want to keep up the illusion, here are seven things you shouldn't order on a first date according to  Reader's Digest.

Hot wings.  They're too messy.  And you shouldn't order ribs for the same reason.

Chili, or anything that might give you gas.  Sometimes too many vegetables can do it, especially things like cabbage, asparagus, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts.

Anything too spicy.  Again, it might cause digestive issues, or you could start sweating a lot.

Lobster and crab.  They're hard to eat, and the whole bib thing isn't very attractive.  You also don't want to order the most expensive thing on the menu if they're paying.

Fish that smells really fishy.  If you want fish, go for salmon.

Spaghetti.  Go with something like penne, so you don't have to slurp it into your mouth.  You also might want to avoid soup for the same reason.

An enormous burger, because they're too hard to eat.  If you don't know how big the burgers are at a place, just look around at the other tables.  There's almost always someone eating a burger.


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