The website  did a very informal survey about our breakfast-eating habits.  So take these results with a grain of salt.  Here are seven breakfast questions, and how people answered them . . .

Do you eat breakfast first thing, or wait an hour or two?  63% said they usually wait a while.  The other 37% said they can't function until they've eaten breakfast.

Do you prefer a sweet breakfast like pancakes, or something savory like bacon and eggs?  62% went with savory, 38% chose sweet.

Do you pretty much always try to eat a healthy breakfast?  43% claimed they do.  57% said sometimes, but they're not religious about it.

Do you usually eat the same breakfast every day?  40% said yes.  60% mix it up.

Do you love cereal, or hate it?  69% said they love it.  31% said they hate it.  No room for people who just like cereal, I guess.

Do you tend to skip breakfast a lot of the time?  40% said they do.  60% said they hardly ever skip breakfast.

Have you ever had pizza for breakfast?  64% said yes.  36% claim they never have.  But I'm not sure I believe all those people.


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