Your favorite condiment might be ruining your diet if you eat it a lot.  Here are seven condiments, and how bad they are for you.

Salsa.  It might be the healthiest condiment out there, because it's mostly vegetables.  One tablespoon only has five calories.

Mustard is another one that's not bad, because it's loaded with antioxidants, vitamin B, and niacin, which can help lower your cholesterol.  And a tablespoon only has about 15 calories.  But it tends to be high in salt, so don't use too much.

Sriracha.  It's made from chili peppers, vinegar, and garlic, and one tablespoon has 15 calories.  But again, don't use too much, because it has a lot of sugar and salt.

Relish.  One tablespoon has 20 calories.  But it usually has a TON of salt and sugar.

Soy sauce.  A tablespoon is only 10 calories, but has a full gram of salt.  The low-sodium stuff has about half that, but that's still a lot.  Most people aren't supposed to get more than two-and-a-half grams of sodium a day.

Ketchup.  The tomatoes are good for you, but that's about it.  And there's a ton of added salt and sugar.  One tablespoon has about 20 calories.  But most people use more than that, and it's usually with something bad for you, like French fries.

Mayonnaise.  It's probably the worst condiment for you, because it's basically pure fat.  One tablespoon has a hundred calories.

Yahoo Health

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