A new study figured out why you're baffled by Ed Sheeran.

According to the web site Alt Press,  researchers studied what music people listen to on Spotify and they found that, basically, we gravitate toward the type of music . . . and the actual songs . . . that were popular when we were in middle school and high school.

They found that the average woman's musical tastes get locked in between ages 11 and 14, and the average man's tastes are finalized between 13 and 16.

Then you have another quick period in your early 20s where your tastes grow a little . . . but it's only about half as influential as that period earlier in your life.  But that's it.  Your taste in music is now cemented.

That's why you don't like any new music once you get older.

The best example they found was "Creep" by Radiohead.  It's the 164th most popular song for men who are 38 right now.  But it's nowhere near the top 300 for anyone 10 years younger or 10 years older.

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