Well, now here’s something else I can’t enjoy!

If you need another reason to avoid parties, consider this finding from the U.K. show Food Unwrapped: you can get a nasty stomach bug, and even herpes, from party dip.

While the scourge of double-dipping came to the fore thanks to that famous Seinfeld moment, scientists on Food Unwrapped noted that norovirus -- which can give you projectile vomiting and uncontrollable diarrhea -- can lurk in your favorite dips, as well as the nasty streptococcus bug, and yes, even herpes simplex.

Meaning thanks to the trace amounts of an infected person's saliva in the dip -- thanks to nasty double-dippers -- you can leave the party with the start of strep throat and even a cold sore.

What's more, the runnier the dip, the more chance the bacteria have to spread, reports the Daily Mail, which recapped the Food Unwrapped episode. For this reason, sour cream fared the worse in the show's tests, especially when left unrefrigerated, which allows bacteria to multiply.

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