When I was a schoolkid, sometime last century, they actually did ring a bell to summon us back to classes. We also never went back before Labor Day. Now in 2019, whether it's with a bell or buzzer or smartphone chime and with the calendar close enough to September, it's back to school time again.

Here in North Berkshire, BART students beat all of their buddies back to the books. Their year started last Tuesday, the 20th.  Vacation ends for the Adams-Cheshire Regional School District tomorrow, Aug.28.

North Berkshire School Union Superintendent John Franzoni tells me that the Gabriel Abbott School in Florida welcomed students back Monday, Emma Miller School in Savoy goes back tomorrow, and Clarksburg School opens Thursday.

Still, a few local districts apparently heed my annual "not before Labor Day" campaign. North Adams Public Schools open Tuesday Sept 3 for Grades K-8 and new students to Drury.  9-12 graders check into the high school on Wednesday.

In the Mt. Greylock Regional School District, Grades 1-12 head back Tuesday, while the youngsters in Kindergarten & Pre-K can wait until Thursday the 5th.   Summer vacation also ends on Sept. 5 for McCann Tech students.

So be ready for new daily routines and schedules. Watch out for school buses and their precious cargo, and never, ever pass a stopped school bus. Kids, have fun, learn a lot, and don't worry, it's the Berkshires. You'll have a snow day before you know it.

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