Remember the days of going to the video store to rent your favorite blockbuster? Those days are sadly long gone of course.

Then came movies on demand or streaming instantly to your TV. But then, there was another rental option if you didn't have streaming options where you can rent movies at your local department, convenient, or drug store just by swiping your card on a box and your instantly movie spits out of the machine whether it was DVD or Blu-ray.

These machines were really easy to spot.

Unfortunately movie renting in person is now going to be a thing of the past as Redbox is officially shutting down its movie rental services.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to West Fair Online, Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment (CSSE), which is based out of Greenwich, Connecticut has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy for its Redbox division.

Redbox, ran a total of roughly automated 34,000 DVD rental kiosks across the country including many throughout New England, and New York State. CSSE took on around $360 million in debt in order to do so.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The service as mentioned was popular in areas where internet access wasn't the best for streaming services, but the cost of licensing films from movie studios for distribution throughout the kiosk network was not cheap as it costed millions of dollars per studio.

Their book publishing aspect of the business and other services however are expected to be unaffected by this bankruptcy.

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Here's a video posted 5 years ago about the decline of Redbox:

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