Route 43 is a nice, scenic way to get from Rt. 2 in Williamstown to Rt. 7 South at the Five Corners intersection. I've driven it many times myself. It's a favorite for cyclists and runners, but it's also kind of twisting and narrow in spots for drivers to navigate and have everyone come out safely. That's why Mass DOT will hold a public meeting tonight to gather opinions on upcoming road improvements.

The meeting is scheduled for 6:00 tonight at the Williams Inn. Officials want the public's input on the future design of the roadway, from Latham Street south to Five Corners. Some possibilities include things like bike lanes, sidewalks, bike paths or widening lanes. They stress that this is a way to have your voice heard while the project is early in the planning stage. Actual work on the repaving project is reportedly a couple of years away.

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