Police Chief Michael Cozzaglio got a standing ovation on Tuesday night as he was recognized at the City Council meeting on his retirement.
iBerkshires.com  reports Mayor Thomas Benard read a proclamation in his honor, a copy of which was framed and presented to him.
Bernard's proclamation detailed Cozzaglio's history with the city, from the time he was appointed as a reserve patrol officer to his coordination and apprehension of the suspect during the attempted bank robbery and bomb on Main Street.
His leadership in the North Adams Police Department "played a central role in keeping city residents safe by helping to coordinate the community and regional emergency response both during and in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene.
Cozzaglio's championing the city's decision to exit Civil Service as a way to recruit officers also meant he would resume the title of police chief after 15 years as police director — and the first city police chief to retire in more than 30 years.
Despite retiring, the mayor said, "he has remained in service as an interim or in an interim role to ensure a smooth transition for his successor."
Cozzaglio had planned to leave in February but extended his time until he could pass the baton to the incoming chief, his second in command Jason Wood.

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