We've all been to restaurants and have cringed at customers' bad behavior -- and if not, there's a chance you're the guilty party.

With this in mind, the website The Daily Meal   reached out to servers, asking them about their patron pet peeves. The site compiled its list, in no particular order, of the "30 Rudest Things You Can Do While Dining Out."

Here are the choicest bits, in "Do" and "Don't" form.  Bon Appetit.

No touching the tray - "It isn't always easy to balance a heavy tray of drinks and you will throw off my balance."

Tip with money! - Should be obvious, but "a bible verse is not a tip."

Speak up! - "If I ask you if everything is good, everyone say it's good...I can't walk away without someone answering the question."

Don’t stack the plates - "Unless you stack plates right, it's super annoying."

Pay quickly - "It is way better to have your card ready and give it to us when dropping off the check than to let the check sit on the table for 20 minutes."

Know how to get their attention - "Do not snap your fingers at me or wave obnoxiously! I see you! The best way to get a server's attention is eye contact and a small hand raise (or perking up). This is basically the universally accepted and polite way of saying that you need assistance."

Don't ask if a menu item is good - "We're gonna say everything is good. We have to. Instead, ask us what our favorite thing on the menu is. That's a much safer bet for a quality dish."

Get off your phone when your waiter or waitress comes to you - "It's very rude when we are trying to serve."

Don’t let your kids make a mess - "Crumbs on the seats and floor and stuff is fine. We expect that. But there is a certain point that it just becomes irresponsible on the parents' part...I have seen some inexcusable disasters. If you leave a mess like this, the tip had better make up for it."

Always tip on the full amount of the bill - "If you get a discount on a check (Groupon, coupon, gift card, friends and family, etc...) tip on the original amount, not the discounted amount. We did the work for you whether you paid $30 or $15, so you get to save some money -- but tips are how we pay rent, and our landlords don't take coupons."

Be nice! - "Use your manners. I am getting paid $2.13/hr and am already shamed enough. Please don't speak to me like I am your...slave. Be polite."

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