According to some estimates, nearly 500 million robocalls were made to Mass. residents last year. If you're like me, you probably feel like about a million of those went to your own home or cell phone. I just got one now while writing this.

Recently on Beacon Hill, the Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure took testimony on a number of bills, including one filed by 1st Berkshire District State Rep. John Barrett III. According to the State House News Service, his bill would require that the incoming number you see on your Caller ID be a valid number "attributable and traceable back to the calling party."

It would also prohibit placing a call or sending a text "which results in the display of misleading, false or inaccurate caller identification", and would require phone service providers in Mass. to implement effective caller authentication technology.

A bi-partisan group of 53 legislators have co-sponsored Barrett's bill. It'll be one of the things we talk to the Rep. about when he guests on this Thursday's Community Insight show from 8:30-9 AM. You can listen live on AM1230 WNAW or online at Questions or comments are welcome during the show to 664-8255.

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