The Berkshire Eagle reports that barring a change in schedule, Laura Reilly is expected to plead guilty on Sept. 20 to misleading police investigating the disappearance and homicide of Joanne "Jo" Ringer last year.

Reilly, 43, of Easthampton, is accused of lying to police about particular pieces of information in their investigation into Ringer's demise.

She is not charged with causing Ringer any harm nor lying about anything directly related to her disappearance and murder.

She is, however, accused of deliberately lying in order to impede that investigation. The charges against Reilly represent alleged falsehoods about specific facets of the investigation:

1-The fact Charles "Chad" Reidy used a cellphone belonging to someone else when he contacted Reilly on March 2, 2017.

2- Police learned Reilly had a romantic relationship with Ringer's husband, Reidy, which apparently continued while Ringer and Reidy were married.

3- Her whereabouts with Reidy that day; whether she drove him back to Clarksburg or they took two vehicles; and that she allegedly lied when she told police she was not with Reidy on March 3.

Rediy remains the sole suspect in Ringer's death. He took his own life a little over one month after he first reported Ringer missing.


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