Here are some sobering statistics concerning homelessness in Berkshire County provided by the Western Massachusetts Network to End Homelessness and provided by the Berkshire Eagle.

A report released Friday by the Western Massachusetts Network to End Homelessness documented aspects of the issue across the region. Among the data in the study:

- Number of homeless people counted at one point in time in the four western counties last January: 2,899 (includes people in programs)

- Of that number, 2,190 were members of families, plus 709 individuals; the one-day count of homeless people in Berkshire County was 181

- Number of those homeless ages 18 to 24: 149

- Of those who are homeless and age 18 to 24 nationally, a percentage that had been in foster care: Nearly 30 percent

- Percentage of young people who had been in the juvenile justice system or jail: Nearly 50 percent

- Number in January count who are veterans: 211

- Number of individuals in January count without any shelter at that time: 98

- Cost to state of housing homeless families: over $42,000 a year

- Percentage of homeless mothers in Massachusetts with a history of domestic violence: More than 80 percent

- Percentage of time state domestic violence programs must turn away requests for housing due to overcapacity: 85 percent

- Percentage of Massachusetts community college students who are uncertain about their housing prospects: 49 percent


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