Berkshire County was slammed with rain and ice this past Sunday. Many driveways throughout the Berkshires were most likely prime locations to do some ice skating, I know mine was. Before reporting to work on Monday, I had to give myself approximately 20 minutes of extra time to scrape the stubborn ice from my vehicle. Throughout Sunday into Monday morning, Berkshire County looked like something that Mr. Freeze would enjoy in his spare time.

We've heard many times that it's illegal in Massachusetts to neglect clearing snow and ice from your vehicle before traveling. Some people clear snow just enough so they can see while on the road. However, you really need to do a good job of removing snow and ice from your roof, windshield, windows, and hood not just to avoid a fine but to reduce the chances of putting your fellow motorists in danger.

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Even with all of the traveling hazards that winter brings especially in the Berkshires, the weather is not the number one reason for winter motor vehicle accidents in Massachusetts. According to an article that was published this past December by the Massachusetts Municipal Association, distracted driving remains the primary cause of accidents in Massachusetts cities and towns.

According to the article, you need time to react. That reaction time is greatly reduced if you are trying to manage another task (texting, eating, changing radio stations and so on) while driving. Remember, when you're operating a motor vehicle, stay focused on the road and save anything else that doesn't have to do with the task at hand for when you're not behind the wheel.

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