It's amazing just how many food recalls are happening on a weekly basis. In some cases, it seems like every other day we are hearing about another product that has been added to the recall list that we must avoid eating due to one safety hazard or another. It's quite scary that there are so many food recalls. How are these products passing the inspection process? Now there is another food product you should steer clear of eating and this goes for Massachusetts shoppers and residents.

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Food Safety News recently reported that USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has issued a public health alert due to concerns about a raw beef product that may be contaminated with extraneous material, specifically soft, clear plastic. If you have the product, you should not eat it. It's worth noting that technically a recall wasn't issued because the product is no longer available.

According to Food Safety News, the product was produced on July 25, 2023. Below are the details about the beef product so you can double-check and see if it's in your freezer. If it is, do not consume it. Instead, either throw it away or return it for a refund:

  • Approximately 1.5-lb. plastic tray packages containing “USDA CHOICE BLACK ANGUS BEEF FROM ALDI, BEEF FOR CARNE PICADA” with a “Use or Freeze by” date of Aug. 22, 2023, Julian Date 206, and time stamp between 08:43 through 09:23.

It's also worth noting that the product bears the establishment number Est. 85M on the back label and it was available in select ALDI grocery stores nationwide. Of course, Massachusetts has a number of ALDI locations including Brockton, Chicopee, Danvers, Dartmouth, Fall River, Hadley, Leominister, Medford, Milford, Natick, Northampton, Pittsfield, Plymouth, Raynham, Springfield, Walpole, Wareham, West Springfield, Westfield, and Worcester. You'll know for sure if your ALDI location sold the meat to consumers by double-checking the label in your freezer. You can get complete details regarding the public health alert and the product in question by going here.

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