The North Adams Conservation Commission gave the Porches Inn its blessing to go forward with a plan to add parking. reports Charlie LaBatt, of Guntlow & Associates, went over the River Street hotel's plan to expand parking and green space on the campus as well as to remediation of the former Sunshine Pools property across the street.

LaBatt said parking will be expanded on the west and the east sides of the campus and the current central parking lot will be removed.

He said the plans also include the erection of a new structure for gatherings.

LaBatt said the project will encroach on the riverfront and that the corresponding remediation will be done on the recently purchased Sunshine Pools property at the corner of Marshall and River streets. Berkshire Hills Development Corp. bought the pool property last December for $250,000 and giving the company control of three corners on the four-way intersection with Houghton Street.

The commissioners placed a few stipulations on their approval and asked that the contractor manage dust control and make sure debris and soil from the work does not travel.

They also asked that the Porches provide a report on existing underground retention structures.

The entire project would likely be phased with the most immediate portion of the project being the demolition of Sunshine Pools, he said.

In other business, the commission heard from Tourists hotel project manager Eric Kerns, who told the commission that plans are to scale back work near the 1813 farmhouse adjacent to the hotel.

The project will now focus on developing the former Incarnation Church on Massachusetts Avenue as a restaurant with a kitchen farm.

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