It's always such an exciting time when any spot in the Berkshires is set to open up. That especially goes for a popular spot that will be reopening its doors this week after being forced to shut down for awhile.

According to the Berkshire Eagle, one of the more popular spots throughout the Berkshires has a reopening scheduled for this Thursday (October 13th) after having to close due to a fire on August 28th, that did plenty of damage, albeit just a little over a month ago. You can probably guess that the spot that will be reopening is the Olde Forge Restaurant in Lanesborough.

The fire that caused the restaurant to close up for awhile had done severe damage to the rear dining room, the back deck, and had also destroyed a shed.

But the owner, Kirk Grippo, and his team have been busy getting things ready for a reopening of the restaurant that has been a staple in the community for more than 40 years. But repairs have been made and a renovation project has helped make the local spot better than ever.

The downstairs dining room has gotten an upgraded heating system to stay warm, and will include several tables with a driftwood finish. The area will also be more utilized. Previously, it had used more for special events, but now, it will get more usage on a regular basis.

While the menu has been revised, one thing certainly won't change, and that's the Forge's famous chicken wings! Among the revisions in the menu are some additional drinks, Viking's Blood and Odin's Skull. Just the name of those makes me intrigued.

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They hope to replace the rear deck in the near future while the bar and main dining room are pretty much the same. We definitely can't wait for Thursday, when the Olde Forge Restaurant opens its doors back up!

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