For many of those that have visited this popular village in the past, you know there always a free concert lined up everyday during the summer. But, what's going to happen now?

What's been named “America’s most beautiful lakeside amphitheater,” in Lake George, New York woken residents early Sunday, June 30, 2024 at around 3.a.m. with fire and smoke.


According to NEWS10ABC, State and County investigators determined the cause of the fire to be an electrical issue.

“Accidental by nature. There’s been no malfeasance or vandalism that caused it. The fire inspectors have just concluded their investigation.  “No one got hurt so we’re happy about that. I have a little dirt on my hands but we’re happy that no one got hurt and everything else is just stuff and can be replaced.” - Ray Perry, Lake George Village Mayor

That's because in addition to the structure fire, historic instruments and modern music equipment were lost in the fire. But as mentioned, stuff can be replaced and the fact that no one was hurt.

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Will Live Music Continue In Lake George?

One of the concerns was if the Village will be able to carry on with an already booked summer of free events.

“It’s a gathering place for residents, tourists, people to hear world-class music. To just think for a second that wouldn’t happen this summer was devastating." - Seth Harris

So the good news is, The Village is planning a bigger and better bandstand to replace the more than one-hundred-year-old venue. In the meantime, a mobile venue will be put in its place at Shepard Park to carry on live music this summer.

The saying goes, the show must go-on!

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