Is there anything more annoying than grocery shopping while there are a million people in the store? It's often discussed when the best time to shop is, be it first thing on Saturday morning, or maybe right before they close. Then there's the whole, concerning produce, when the truck arrives debacle. Nobody wants wilting broccoli!

The topic of where people grocery shop can get passionate; people have strong opinions and feelings about it, and LOYALITY to a specific store is definitely a thing.

There are many factors to where one grocery shops, right? Do you only shop at the grocery store closest to where you live? Is price the main motivator to where you go? Is the "look" of the store or layout massively important to you? Is more of a one stop shop store like Walmart or Target make the most sense to you?

Shopping cart with foods at the grocery store

So, What's The Number 1 Reason For Deciding Where To Shop?


Getting the best value for money was the leading factor when choosing which store to shop at for groceries among primary grocery shoppers in U.S. households in 2015. Other leading factors included a convenient location, products always being in stock, and a fast checkout experience.

Well, what about you?



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