The Berkshire District Attorney’s Office’s investigation into the fatal shooting of Miguel Estrella by a Pittsfield Police Officer on the evening of March 25th remains ongoing. Meanwhile, Estrella's family is still looking for some answers and some justice.

District Attorney wants to reduce the timeframe of the investigation without compromising accuracy...


Investigations into fatal shootings by police take time and care to ensure objective and accurate factfinding and well-reasoned decision-making. My priority is that all interested parties have confidence in my office’s determination of the facts surrounding the tragic shooting of Mr. Estrella by the Pittsfield Police Department... I recognize the community’s urgent need for details, and I’ve requested that the involved agencies prioritize this investigation. Typically, these types of investigations take four to six months to complete but I am committed to significantly reducing that timeframe without compromising accuracy, thoroughness, or objectivity. ~ District Attorney Andrea Harrington


Formal interviews with witnesses completed...

According to a media release from the Berkshire District Attorney's Office Tuesday, the State Police Detective Unit assigned to the DA's Office has completed formal interviews with five civilian witnesses, five EMTs, and the involved Pittsfield Police officers. The State Police have also canvased the neighborhood on multiple occasions seeking witnesses and/or video footage.

Police are seeking known witnesses...

The State Police have identified additional civilian witnesses that they seek to interview and encourage any other witnesses to contact the Berkshire Detective Unit at 413-499-1112.


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Medical records obtained by State Police...

The State Police have obtained medical records from Berkshire Medical Center, Pittsfield Police Department reports, photographs from the scene, reports from EMS, attended the autopsy and produced an initial autopsy report, secured nearby surveillance video, preserved social media postings from witnesses, and obtained and reviewed recordings of 911 calls, Pittsfield Police Department dispatches, Pittsfield Police radio transmissions and EMS radio transmissions.

The office is obtaining transcripts of all audio and video statements. The State Police are further seeking ShotSpotter reports, the State Police Crime Lab will conduct testing and will provide ballistic reports on the guns and the Pittsfield Police Department will provide an analysis of the Tasers.

The full autopsy report is forthcoming...

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner will provide a full autopsy report. Berkshire District Attorney Andrea Harrington and First Assistant Karen Bell are reviewing the evidence gathered thus far and will draft written findings.

The office will make Spanish translations of all transcriptions and written findings available to the Estrella family. Once the investigation is complete and all evidence is shared with the Estrella family, the Berkshire District Attorney’s Office will make the findings available to the community and the Pittsfield Police Department.


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