Looks like before you decide to go shopping next time, be prepared to bring your reusable shopping bag. Or bring those extra dimes for paper bag purchases on top of your groceries or merchandise.

Many grocery and departments stores across Massachusetts have already implemented their own plastic bag ban polices. But now the state wants take over the rest of this new policy.

According to Boston25News, Massachusetts is one step closer to banning plastic bags and reducing straw and plasticware use as the state Senate on Thursday June 20th passed legislation President Karen Spilka, D-Ashland, said in a statement that would ban single-use plastic bags, make straws and plasticware available by request only, and make it easier to recycle.

This legislation was passed in the Senate by a vote of 38-2 as it now goes to the House of Representatives for consideration.

“Limiting our plastics use means less trash in our water ways and on our streets, and giving our kids the green, clean planet they deserve to inherit. This is a crucial part of achieving the Commonwealth’s climate goals,”  - President Karen Spilka

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If the legislation bill is passed, this will prohibit any carry-out plastic bags at retail stores statewide and require stores to charge 10 cents for recycled paper bags, five cents of which will be allocated to environmental protection measures as mentioned earlier.

This new bill will also prevent plastic utensils and straws from automatically being given to consumers, prohibit single-use plastic bottle purchases by state agencies, and create a statewide program for recycling large plastic objects such as car seats. As we all know, kids can be messy when it comes to straws in the backseat!

As of right now, you can still continue to shop as normal but if this new bill does pass you can expect these changes immediately.

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