There is nothing more sad than an empty storefront in a city, especially on the main drag. J. Allen's Clubhouse grill had occupied 41 North St. in Pittsfield from 2013 to 2019, before that Brulee's operated a restaurant there, albeit short lived, and many before that including Bobby Hudpucker's.

J. Allen's had abruptly shuttered its doors in 2019 and nothing has occupied that space since. Pre-pandemic it was rumored that a brewery/restaurant was supposed to go in there but never came into fruition.

We had taken a poll on what Live 95.9 listeners wanted to see in that spot and the results were as follows:

43% wanted a restaurant

26% wanted a bar/brewery

11% wanted indoor golf

5% wanted a clothing retailer

15% wanted "other".

Well, driving on North St. just the other day I saw some signage indicating that a restaurant and market was soon to come. So, after 3 plus years, it looks as though there is a plan for 41 North St.




I was surprised to learn if you googled just "placita" it came right up with a Facebook page and phone number!

Marjo and I were joking around about how often I boast about being in AP Spanish in high school but had trouble translating "Placita's" Facebook page

It looks as though it will be a Salvadoran restaurant along with a market offering products from Central America. Pretty cool.

I cannot find information, however, when it will be opening.

Also coming to Pittsfield soon will be a BBQ restaurant in the former Portsmitt's location on Peck's road and a chain Mexican restaurant will occupy the former Papa Gino's spot on Merrill Rd.

Plus, the new indoor playground and birthday party spot in the former Retro Fitness!

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