A popular Mexican restaurant in downtown Pittsfield has made an announcement to let their loyal customers know about what will be taking place during the upcoming month of September. It seems that the local joint is going to be making a change in management.

Earlier this week, a this local Mexican restaurant in downtown Pittsfield took to their social media page via Facebook to let their patrons know that the change in management will be taking place in mid September.

As they mention in the post, September 15th will be when the change is happening at Panchos Mexican Restaurant on North Street in downtown Pittsfield.

You can also see throughout the post that the compliments rolled in on how great the restaurant has been as a fixture in the Pittsfield community for as long as it has. Panchos responded to each comment, thanking those customers and friends for their patronage as well.

Panchos Mexican Restaurant's menu is filled with several must-haves anytime you visit downtown Pittsfield. Most notable might just be the steak, fish, or shrimps tacos! Not only that, but for dessert, their Dulche de Leche Cheesecake is phenomenal as well!

Check out their full menu here...

The spot has so many great dishes. One would hope that the food continues to be just as amazing!

In any event, Panchos Mexican Restaurant's management will be changing come mid-September. Before the change, be sure to make your way there in downtown Pittsfield for some great Mexican dishes at 156 North Street.

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