iBerkshires.com reports the tenants at Pine Valley Mobile Home Park are petitioning for their rent to be decreased at an upcoming rent control hearing looking to settle the problem of unpaved roads in the park.

Morgan Management has no plans on redoing the road at all," Pine Valley resident Roseanna St. Pierre told the Board of Selectmen on Tuesday.

The Selectmen, sitting as the Rent Control Board, approved a $7.20 monthly rent increase in 2016, $5.12 of which was to go toward repairing and repaving roads that were torn up during the installation of a new septic system.

This never happened and Morgan Management plans to sell the park.

A letter from Morgan Management's attorneys indicated that a tenant reimbursement was being calculated and that the roads would not be paved.

Selectwoman Carol Francesconi said the board members plan to discuss the roads with Morgan Management's attorneys at the Sept. 6 rent control hearing because they, too, fear Morgan Management is positioning themselves to just reimburse the tenants.

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