While it's still not officially winter for another seven days, the snowy season has arrived in Massachusetts, with its first heavy snowfall hitting the western half of the state over the weekend. With another three to six inches expected in western Massachusetts Thursday into Friday, plows are roaring and ready to go which means it's time for Massachusetts drivers to share the roads.

Massachusetts drivers don't have the best reputation for being courteous or patient, especially when they're in a hurry. Getting stuck behind a plow when you're already running late can be a bummer, but we're willing to be those same people who complain about getting stuck behind one are the first to complain when their roads aren't plowed in what they feel is a timely enough fashion. The point being, have a little patience people.

Is It Illegal to Pass a Snow Plow in Massachusetts?

There are certain circumstances when you might feel like it's appropriate to pass a plow, but is it illegal? Well according to mass.gov, there is no law specifically prohibiting Massachusetts drivers from passing a snow plow.

However, the Massachusetts DOT says that passing a snow plow can be very dangerous. Plow blades can extend well beyond the width of the vehicle by almost ten feet on some trucks and when it's snowing there’s a good chance you won’t see the extended length due to the snow being kicked up. MassDOT suggests using extreme caution when passing even on a two-lane highway.


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