Hey man, it's a good thing you can fix a broken sink and maybe procreate a few times, because otherwise, what exactly is your purpose again?

According to a new Metro  survey, just over half of women say they're closer to their best friend than their husband.  And here are the 10 reasons why . . .

1.  We can talk about everything, 57%.

2.  She listens better, 45%.

3.  I can tell her things I couldn't tell my partner, 44%.

4.  We like more of the same things, 41%.

5.  We laugh until we cry, 39%.

6.  I can really be myself around her, 29%.

7.  We go back much further, 29%.

8.  She gives better advice, 28%.

9.  She's less annoying, 26%.

10.  We have a lot more in common, 25%.


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