Sure, "it's just an honor to be nominated," as many Oscars hopefuls will be saying this weekend, but being recognized by the Academy -- win or lose -- is an easy way for celebrities to scoop up a ton of freebies.

The gifts included in the nominees' SWAG bag this year includes more than $100,000 worth of goodies, according to Forbes -- though Distinctive Assets, the company that packages all the nominees' stuff, stopped counting after 2016, when the retail value of each was clocked at $260,000.

Among the goodies gifted by the company this year, Forbes explains, is a $40,000, 12-night Tanzania vacation for two, and a six-night and seven-day stay at Koloa Landing Resort at Poipu in Kauai, Hawaii.

However, that's not the only SWAG bag in town. Nominees, Oscar attendees, and presenters staying at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles get their own bag of goodies, too, and ABC Radio has learned that in addition to the myriad gadgets and anti-aging creams and other A-List bric-a-brac, included will be a $13,500 VIP "axe-throwing experience" offered by Kick Axe, New York City's first axe-throwing venue.



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