Clarksburg Town officials are still hoping to get funding to fix the roof at Clarksburg School.
Chairman Ronald Boucher and Select Board member Danielle Luchi voted Wednesday night to send a letter to Gov. Charlie Baker and Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito requesting the visit the school to see the work being accomplished there.
The town has been advocating for the governor's office to release an earmark for $500,000 that state Sen. Adam Hinds had placed in a capital spending bill nearly two years ago. The executive office has been reluctant to invest in the school since the town decisively defeated a $19 million addition and renovation project.
In the interim, local officials and volunteers have been making repairs and upgrades piecemeal through grants, donations and appropriations. Half a $1 million borrowing approved at the 2019 annual town meeting is set aside specifically for the school.

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