When televisions or other electronic goods are found discarded among other garbage, the City of North Adams has to pay to have the objects returned to the electronic waste or recycling process.

The Berkshire Eagle  reports when more than one TV or microwave or sewing machine winds up in the trash pipeline, the cost adds up. Last week, the city had to free up cash to pay for it — to the tune of several thousand dollars every year.

City officials have seen TVs, microwaves, toaster ovens, computer equipment and a variety of other objects that people have tried to pass off as regular trash wind up costing taxpayers money.

Michael Canales, the city's administrative officer, said that, last month, 13 tires were found in the waste stream. The city had to pay more than $1,300 to move them to recycling, and pay for their weight for the hauling to the disposal center.

There is a list of stuff that should not be stuffed in a garbage bag and left in the bin at the transfer station, and much of it is common sense — anything that could be a danger to someone during transport or a danger to the environment once in the landfill.

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