The jobs of local Veterans Agent Stephen Roy and his assistant, Tina Samson, just got a little bigger along with the generosity of the Northern Berkshire community. reports on Friday, Roy and Samson welcomed Maggie D'Amour, the store director of the North Adams Big Y, as well as Big Y receiver Nikki Smith over to City Hall to tour the first-floor space currently housing not only the food donations but coats and clothing donated by other businesses, including Ocean State Job Lots and Olympia Sports.

Samson said volunteers go to the two Big Y markets monthly and pick up at least 10 boxes of "scratch and dent" food items like chips, canned fruit and pasta as well as "top-shelf" items like organic sauces and dressings. She then tries to have the food pantry open when veterans come to pick up their checks on the 15th of the month.

D'Amour, a member of the family that owns the Big Y chains, said she is happy to help the effort, not only to help the community but also because her brother is a Marine veteran.

"We're very happy to be part of helping the veterans," she said. "It makes me proud."

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