A day after someone smeared feces outside a woman's apartment, law enforcement and community leaders spoke out resoundingly on Thursday to condemn the action.

The Berksire Eagle  reports no arrests have been made, but police continue to investigate the incident and whether it was racially motivated.

A tenant at Brayton Hill apartments called police about 8 a.m. Wednesday to report that human feces had been smeared on the door, siding and an air conditioning unit outside her unit. The dispatcher's report refers to the caller as a black woman, and lists two people, one white male and one white female, as "involved parties."


District Attorney Andrea Harrington said in a statement  "We will use the full force of the law to hold accountable those who undermine the peace and safety of our community."

North Adams Mayor Thomas Bernard condemned the act using strong language."I can't imagine what it must have felt like to wake up with your kids in a place you feel safe and find something like that," Bernard said. "It's unconscionable, shameful and disgusting for all of us. And it's really a shame that it takes something like this to make people realize that people of color are marginalized all the time."

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